Welcome to the Sophus Health exclusive online members portal.

This portal combines the Five Aspects of Health with online resources and interactive learning tools. Because knowledge is wisdom, this is one of many ways that the Sophus Learning Culture can be applied to your unique life circumstances to help you identify the Physical, Financial,  Spiritual, Relational, and Self-related stresses and issues that affect your overall health and well-being.

When used in conjunction with your company’s health and wellness programs, these tools offer a quick, fun and easy way to monitor and learn how positive lifestyle and behavioral changes are impacting your personal health and well-being. Our tools allow you to set your own targets, and incentives, and if desired, they help you to engage in good-hearted competition and teamwork as a means to measure progress and challenge yourself in a safe, private environment – on your own terms and schedule. For details on how you can use these tools interactively with other employees in your organization, please consult your local health team or Human Resources representative.

The Five Aspects of HealthTM

The Five Aspects of HealthTM approach helps us look at ALL the issues that impact health by focusing on ALL five critical areas of health and well-being.